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Temporary increase in the tax burden in the Republic of Belarus for residents of "unfriendly" countries

The Republic of Belarus has temporarily introduced restrictive tax measures for residents from "unfriendly" countries, which provide an increase in the tax rate on dividend income.

SCHNEIDER GROUP Welcomes Clients to New Vilnius Office

<p>Berlin, Germany – March 19, 2024 – SCHNEIDER GROUP Lithuania has officially moved into its new Vilnius office, marking a new chapter in its support for international investors in Lithuania.</p>

Possible new restrictions concerning intellectual property for companies from "unfriendly" states

In December 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade drafted a Presidential Decree that envisages new intellectual property restrictions for companies "from unfriendly countries".

Georgia: Amended Data Protection Law

The Parliament of Georgia adopted the law "On Personal Data Protection", according to which there will be a number of additional obligations for persons involved in the processing of personal data.

Important changes in tax legislation of Kazakhstan

Amendments made to the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan will affect the issues of VAT, universal declaration, as well as the minimum wage.

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